Between me and my truly amazing helpers we’d love to invite your dog to come and 'board' in our home. Here they will enjoy a loving home & stress free environment with max one other dog. They will have calming morning and evening sniff walks, a garden and a long off lead walk in a large park such as Wormwood Scrubs or Fryent way Country Park socialising with other dogs.

Though please note I prioritise dogs well known to me via daily walks and or training. Moreover, as we offer a home environment we will want your dog to fit into our daily lifestyle meaning they should be housetrained, able to join group walks, endure time alone and enjoy time out and about with us on our day to day. If your dog can’t do this please book a training consultation so we can help them get there.

In the meantime we occasionally have space for specialist boarding or for a sitter to come to your home. If you think your dog needs this, please be very specific in your enquiry with what they struggle with.



Boarding or Sitting: 1 dog: £40/ night.

Boarding 2 dog’s: £65/ night.

*Discount for stays over two weeks.

*£15. Supplement for Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, Day and Good Friday to Easter Monday. Supplement may also apply to dogs that need specialist care i.e young pups, large dogs, dogs with behaviour issues but please enquire and we will do our best to keep the cost as low as possible.

*Tailored discount for multiple dogs and stays over two weeks.

We have limited availability for boarding and so prioritise pre existing clients from training or weekly walks who’s dogs we thus know well.

Specialist Boarding £55/night

E.g Large dogs/ Un-house trained -early months pups/ dogs that cannot endure any time alone/ reactive dogs that have to be boarded or walked alone.

Please be aware a behaviour consultation & or trial night may be required before taking these dogs. Additional exercise charges may be due depending on the needs of your dog.

Trial night.

If we don’t know your dog then we may like a trial night before considering a long stay. So please enquire now ready for your next trip away. This will help them settle when they come for a long stay, which is especially good for young pups prone to separation anxiety and will help us ensure we can provide the the right care for them for the duration of your time away.

Day Care

Group £35

We do not have a permanent facility. Therefore If you are looking for full time daycare then you may wish to look at other companies. However if we know you via training or walks then we’d be delighted to help you when we can. We can pick up at the usual morning walking time and you can collect your dog anytime before 6.30pm. After 6.30pm will be charged at boarding rate. If you need them cared for earlier in the morning you can drop them off yourself after 8.30am and before we leave for walks. Please also consider our 2hr country park walks. These are fantastic for the dogs and means your dog will be out the house for 3-4 hrs.

121 Daycare/ Puppy Sitting

1-2-1 £60

If you have a young puppy or dog with separation anxiety which needs constant supervision whilst you build them up to being left alone we have some availability for a sitter to come to you home.

£10 supplement for hours outside of 8.30am-6.30pm or consider boarding your dog.

*We have limited availability for this and mostly offer it to Puppies with a view to them joining us for group walks or for our existing walking clients when the normal schedule is changed.

For more info see my FAQ's or enquire below.

House visits


For existing walking clients, If I or a helper are in your local vicinity a quick house visit may be able to be offered for a feed and let out into the garden.

For more info see my FAQ's or enquire below.

Paddy loves coming to stay but insists he knows where his bed belongs.