By filling out the form below I will be best equipped to assess what the most suitable care  or trainings options I can offer you are.

 However for quick questions and enquiries you may email hello[at]thatdogguy.org

For training enquiries I am likely to send you a longer form to fill out so feel free to email direct to get that.

I list no phone number as I am so often unable to answer as with the dogs so please email with your contact number and a good time to contact you and I’ll look forward to speaking then..-

Questions are not designed to rule out care for your dog but to provide a carer or dog walk that will suit your dogs requirements so please fill the form out as fully and accurately as you can. My first priority is safely getting your dogs needs met, so thank you for taking the time to assist me with this,

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Timing that you need your carer. Please be exact. E.g 2pm 1st April to 5pm 4th April. Please see FAQ's for more info on timings we offer and what they cost.
For multiple dogs please fill out the form for each dog but you do not need to fill out your personal details again except your name.
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Is your dog in good health, able to appropriately accept a stranger, interact appropriately with other dogs, reliably come when called in the park, calmly and quietly endure separation from humans, walk on a loose lead, be in the company of children, calmly and quietly travel in a vehicle and on public transport, react appropriately to distractions, are they house trained and not had any accidents in the last three months? *
Please let us know anything else about your dog that you feel is relevant. If we can offer you care I will ask for information about your dogs reliable cues, food, medicine, microchip number, vet before your dog starts with us or you can put it here.
*Required for training enquiries only
Key Safe's are our preference. If this does not suit you what is your option for access?
For dogs wanting boarding/ Day care only.
Marketing *
I have never sent a marketing message thus far but if I wanted to let you know if I say offer dog grooming or other services in the future are you happy for me to email you? *Please ensure you have read and agreed to our privacy document.
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My dog is in good health. Up to date with all vaccines and all the information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that an inaccurate form is not safe and may result in my dog being returned to me or my emergency contact with no refund.

Thank you for taking the time to fully and accurately fill out the form is is a great help. If I can offer you care or training I will get further details from you then.