Thinking about getting a dog, just got one, having problems or would love to teach your dog to find those keys you keep losing? Whatever the reason I am a CPDT-KA accredited dog trainer so lets book in a consultation to start a happy harmonious and communicative relationship between you and your dog after all would you deny your child an education?.

Training and Behaviour Consultation

This lasts 45mins-1.5hrs normally at your home. Here I will understand more about you, your dog and what you hope to achieve and then give you some management tools and show you how to teach some new behaviours to reach your goal's. I will follow this up with an email reminding you of what we have spoken about, a shopping list if you need it and handouts to help you on your way.

*£75 Foundation Training Consultation

The sort of issues we would help with in a foundation training consultation are, recall, sit, stay, retrieve, crate training, walking on a loose leash.

£90 Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour Consultations are for dogs who are in anyway reactive, barking, suffering from separation anxiety behaviours etc. If you are unsure please fill out an enquiry form detailing your issue and I will advise.

£85 Desensitisation

If you’re dog is reactive to other dogs, people, sounds such as mopeds, bicycles we can set up controlled desensitisation which can take place with myself and an assistant. You can learn to do this yourself and in later sessions you can take the lead with myself becoming the assistant and thus the sessions can be reduced to a £50 follow up session. Sessions will be scheduled for an hour but we may run over or stop sooner to ensure we end on a positive note.

£50 for follow up sessions. 

The follow up sessions last 30 mins to 1hr. Here we will look a the the behaviours you began working on in the first session and address how we can work these to fluency so they work almost anywhere anytime and introduce you to new behaviours you may need. 

£35 for Training Walks

Training Walk (45 mins - 1hr with Tom reinforcing & practicing the behaviours you have been working on at home whilst your dog is out and about getting exercise. Suitable for dogs who are not ready to join group walks yet and important for safety and development that those who are walking your dog are keeping up the behaviour modification program you have in place.

Residential Training

If you would like your dog to benefit from daily training with me during their stay this can be discussed depending on you and your dogs needs. Pricing is around £140/day.

Please note whatever they learn with me will need to be actively maintained by you for lasting effect.


  • The best time to start training is 8-16 weeks but it is never too late. However please note a sudden change in behaviour in an adult dog is always time for a visit to the vet for the all clear before contacting me.

  • £20 supplement is charged outside of the hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm.

  • Out of Donna, Jess and I, I will aim to give you whoever’s skills, experience and qualifications are best suited for the job and for some behaviour cases we like to work together meaning you can rest assured that all approaches are covered.

  • I cannot say how many sessions you will need. On average it is 1-8. Generally more if you are talking about behaviour issues such as aggression and less if we are talking about foundation training such as recall, equally many issues can be addressed quickly with some simple management solutions and the teaching of a simple new behaviour.

  • For more info see my FAQ's or enquire below.

Work seriously, persistently, continuously and you are bound to be successful. :)

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Shilo always smiles during training, she loves it and it s so important to give her this mental stimulation everyday.