FAQ's & Terms of Business



FAQ's & Terms of Business

In order to avoid any confusion later down the line, please ensure you have read our FAQ's and agreed to our terms of business before proceeding.

What to bring?

Please provide a standard lead, appropriate collar, poo bags and required food for the duration of your dog’s care as well as treats, their bed & crate if they use one, food bowls and if they have one a favourite familiar toy. A familiar blanket or recently worn item of your clothing placed in the crate can also be comforting for dogs on their first stay. Some dogs will need their grooming brush packed.

Please also ensure you have provided the additional booking info on the online platform PSP or by email which most importantly includes vets details to keep on file, proof of vaccinations and an emergency contact number for a friend or family member in London.


Please provide enough food, medication, snacks and a contingency quantity of food for your dog’s stay. Please also include your dog's kong or food puzzle and a pot of peanut butter or similar that you use to fill it.

If you do not use a food puzzle for your dog I would recommend them. Please note food puzzles may be compulsory for young and particularly energetic dogs. See here for examples.

If I need to go to a specialist location to get more food for your dog this will be charged at £25/ hour.

If I  can have more food ordered for you via amazon and delivered we can add this to your bill for only £5 extra.

You can upload instructions for what your dog is fed to your Pet Sitter Plus Account we will set you up with and or label the food you pack. Providing a scoop with a line so we know how much kibble each day is a good idea.


Please provide appropriate equipment for your dogs care. Collars should be secure so they cannot slip out with about two fingers between neck and collar. Flat collars with safety release are best. Harness’ are also good and slender necked dogs like sighthounds may need a martingale collar/sighthound collar (one they cannot back out of)*. If your dog's recall is a concern, your dog pulls or has certain behaviour problems then a harness may be a requirement for their safety. If you do not have one and it is required during their stay, we will purchase one for you at a cost of up to £35.

Please do not send your dog with a retractable leash,  slip collar, choke collar,  prong collar or electric collar. If you are currently using any of these collars please discuss with That Dog Guy before bringing your dog into care.

If for any reason we require to buy equipment on your behalf a £5 surcharge will be billed to you per item for our time. However please note we do not sell or manufacture products ourselves and thus if a product we purchase or suggest to you causes damage to anyone or anything then w accept no responsibility.

Specialist Instructions

If you have any special instruction please put these in an email or upload to your PSP account if you have one and show your carer upon collection. Please see below regarding medication.


TIMINGS & what’s included

One night is within a 24 hr period normally lunchtime to lunchtime thus including one long group walk. Any other timings will be by special arrangement with me or your carer. Timings that go over the 24 hr period will result in an extra day or half-day charge.   If your dog is booked for boarding after walks please make sure they have had at least an hours walk or what is sufficient exercise for your dog before they arrive! It is very clear when a dog has not had enough exercise and if that has occurred an extra 1-2-1 walking charge will be invoiced to you. 

The minimum care charge is 1 x 24hrs  (no half days on their own.) Care outside the hours of 8.30 am-6.30 pm will automatically be charged at a boarding rate not daycare.

If your dog requires, short walks the minimum walking rate of 1hr will apply.

The boarding routine includes a short morning, evening, & before bed stroll or time in the garden and a 30-80min lunch-time walk as appropriate for your dog. That along with food puzzles in the house should be enough for most dogs, however, if you have a large/ particularly energetic/young dog who requires additional walks or care please discuss this with That Dog Guy prior to paying for your booking as the extra walking charge will likely be due.

1hr Group walk pick up times is between 10.30 am - 2 pm. 2hr from 9 am however you may get a free upgrade so please let us know if your dog will not be ready for collection from 9 am. If we are collecting outside these times we will let you know. If you require more specific times a 1-2-1 walk may be mores suitable for you. Group walks will get a minimum of 1 hr in the park, normally longer, commute time is not included in this. Training walk times are door to door. 1-2-1 walks will depend on your dog's needs and the distance between you and the park.

Regular walks will automatically not be booked in on public holidays i.e Good Friday, bank holiday Mondays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter, New Year's Eve and New Years Day. If you would like walks then please ensure you let us know and expect a weekend rate charge.

Day Care/ sitting. Subject to availability we do this for £35. The sitter may pop in and out to do another dog nearby or bring another pup with them or take your pup with to see another dog depending on what is appropriate for your situation. If that is not right for you then, 121 Day Care can be provided for £60. Earliest arrival/ drop off is 8.30 am. Latest pick up / drop off is 6.30 pm unless otherwise arranged.

Collection & Transport

Transportation is usually in my air-conditioned/ heated  SUV with custom dog guard and dog seat belts for safety.

Collection and drop off service around lunchtime for boarding and walks are free in the local area (W12) and when available in the immediately surrounding areas W3, W4, W6, W14, W11, W10, W9, W2. For other areas and times, it will depend on your dates and location and the availability of me or your chosen carer, so please enquire.

If I or your carer arrive to collect and your dog is not they're ready for collection the job will be cancelled and not refunded or if we do have time to wait, waiting will be charged at £20/ hour.

Please let me know if your dog has any issues with any transportation such as phobia or sickness

What areas do you cover?

For training and sitting, we can cover all over London but in busy periods I will restrict training to W. NW. SW London.

Regular group walking is W12, W6, W8, W4 but W3, W14, W11, W10, W9, W2 may also be covered. We do have increasing availability in Fulham too.

Boarding is subject to the same collection and drop off as walking but you may drop off with us or subject to availability the carer my offer collection at an additional rate. 

Dog’s Health, Disease Prevention and Care

By giving your dog into our care you confirm that your dog is in good health, over eight weeks old, up to date on all legally required vaccines as well as Bordetella* (kennel cough) and an appropriate course of anthelmintics (de-wormers) and flea treatment and you have uploaded proof of these documents to your PSP client account. We will not be responsible for any health issues that arise with an unvaccinated dog and you may be held responsible for the welfare of any dogs your unvaccinated dog has come into contact with.

 Further, you agree to have cleaned and disinfected all your dog’s equipment (bed, lead etc)  prior to providing it to your carer.

 If your dog has any pre-existing health conditions please make sure you have disclosed these to That Dog Guy in writing prior to your dog’s visit along with a letter from your vet clearing them to be in contact with other dogs and in my care.

If your dog requires medication we can only administer it if you provide written approval from your vet.

Please note the bordetella vaccine is not 100% protective but reduces the symptoms in animals that are exposed, but like the human flu vaccine it is recommended for all dogs but nevertheless there is always still a small risk.

For further info on vaccines please click here

Grass seed getting wedged in the ears or paws is a common seasonable problem. Owners of all dogs, especially more vulnerable breeds, should make sure the fur on their paws, toes and around their ears is trimmed very short during the summer and autumn months. 

By booking your dog into care with me you agree that your dog may be cared for at the same time and same environment as dogs from other households.  This includes being fed in the same room as another dog if your carer feels it is appropriate for your dog.

If appropriate to your dog and thus it has been ‘crate trained’ to happily use a crate, you agree that your dog may be kept crated at appropriate times.


All dogs need to be groomed once in a while but some dogs need a bit of basic grooming to prevent matting and discomfort each day. If this is your dog please provide their brush. If your dog requires more than basic grooming, please show your carer and be prepared that care may then fall under the Specialist Boarding rate. Please note it is not your carers responsibility to untangle pre-existing matts so if necessary please have your dog professionally groomed before their arrival.

Intact dogs

Intact males from sexual maturity generally always need to be boarded alone. (I know your dog may be great but we have to account for how others react to them and so specialist boarding rate is likely to be charged. I will always try and give you the cheapest option so if I know they will be alone anyway I will automatically offer the discount.

I am unlikely to be able to board or offer a group walk to females during Proestrus & Estrus parts of their heat cycle and vet’s visits for pre-existing health conditions will be charged at £50 + £25 / hour + parking. If we have managed to provide individual care for your unspayed dog at a point where she could come into heat, please provide disposable diapers or 2 x washable ones as well.

 Signs that your dog should see a vet

A significant change in behaviour, vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, butt-scooting, discharge of the eyes or nose that is coloured or thick, inflamed or oozing sores, and excessive scratching, head shaking, etc could be a sign of illness, fleas or other skin parasites means you must take your dog to the vet before allowing them into our care. Should your dog exhibit these signs whilst already in my care then they will require to see That Dog Guy local vet and if a contagious ailment is discovered I will arrange for them to be cared for by your emergency contact.

 Reactive Dogs

* For reactive dogs/ones with behaviour issues  / have bitten or you are concerned they might we will need a behaviour consultation booked first to asses there needs are being met and that we can then safely accommodate them so please allow time for this. If you have already had a consultation with a professional trainer/behaviourist and thus have protocols in place to manage the behaviour you can send this to me and we may be able to skip the consultation.

Consultations will take place at your home if you are in the local W12 area or you will need to come to me on a weekday afternoon.

The £15 supplement/day may be charged for boarding some behaviour issues.

If a behaviour issue is discovered that has not been disclosed then your dog may be asked to be picked up by your emergency contact that I will ask you for upon booking. If your contact is not available and we can’t safely care for your dog any more, you will be held responsible for any costs associated with finding and providing alternative care, including admin hours.

121 walks may be required for reactive dogs but if we enrol them in group walks please take special note of the cancellation policy.

Meet & Greet/ Trial night

Your carer or I will almost always want to meet you and your dog before booking them in for boarding for the first time in order to assess if we can give them the care they need and to ensure they are comfortable with other dogs and the humans who may be in contact with them. On some occasions especially if they will be boarded with other dogs I will often ask for a trial night or afternoon. This will help them settle when they come for a longer period and help me ensure my environment is the best place for their care. Therefore when booking please ensure you allow plenty of time in advance to accommodate this and please be sure to let us know if your dog shows signs of stress when being alone/ sleeping alone or being with other dogs or strangers. If your dog requires 24hr supervision and or must be boarded away from other dogs the carers choice of supplement may be charged.


Holiday Cover, Carers, helpers & how I find them.

I spend a huge amount of time recruiting good carers and seizing every opportunity to teach them as much as I can and for your security, I personally meet and keep photo ID and proof of address on file for any of my helpers. They also always have me at the end of the phone if they need, thus, I hope, giving your dog far superior care than many competing services.

However, in the unlikely situation we can no longer care for your dog we will hope they can be looked after by your emergency contact failing that we will look to place your dog with another company. If that is the case and the rates are higher than with ‘That Dog Guy’ you agree to cover the costs of your dogs care with them.

Where will my dog be staying?

Anyone who looks after your dog will have a home that is not shared with many people and has access to an outdoors area unless otherwise stated.

What is your policy around leaving dog’s on their own?

Generally, the dogs fit into our lifestyles so are with us most of the time. However, we expect dogs to be able to be left for up to 4hrs. If we do leave them I advise everyone that when a dog visits for the first time, being alone should be built up to. So Karen may leave him for ten mins initially. 30 mins. 1hr.5 then 4hrs if required.

Separation anxiety

We are with your dog 95% of the time but please let me know if your dog has difficulty sleeping or being left alone. If your dog requires 24hr supervision the Specialist Boarding £15 supplement will be charged.

What happens if you do need to be out for longer than 4hrs?

If we need to be out for longer and we don’t deem your dog to be comfortable with that length of time we reserve the right to ask another member of the That Dog Guy Team to care for your dog for that period.

Are there likely to be other dogs boarding with my dog?

We normally only take up to two dogs each. So yes they will likely be with another dog and will almost certainly be walked with other dogs.


You agree that if you have provided me with access to your property that I as well as my helpers may have access to fulfil the job you requested of us.  Anyone I do allow access to your home I will have photo I.D and proof of addressed stored on file for your safety.


We expect the sitter to be comfortable whilst staying in your home. Therefore it is expected that you have wifi, heating, hot water, a fridge, cooker & double bed available for your sitter and that you don't mind their partners staying with them should they wish. We also ask that the sitter is notified in advance if you have any other friends/ family or workman dropping in during your stay. Your sitter will provide their own food but I am sure they would appreciate being allowed to use everyday basics such as salt and pepper/ bin bags etc. If any of these are an issue please ensure you let ‘That Dog Guy’ know in advance so the sitter can evaluate if they wish to stay before they accept the job.


We will head out for walks no matter the weather if it is safe to do so.

In the event of extreme weather where it is not safe to walk or collect your dog there will be no refund as this will count as a cancellation in less than 48 hrs. If you are not home yourself and I can safely get to you I will come and visit your dog for a brief house visit instead.

During heatwaves I will move walks to early morning so we are back and finished by midday when the sun gets highest in the sky. If this is too early for you in regards to getting back from work, please be prepared to look at my day care or 1-2-1 walk options as an alternative.

Please leave a towel and hose or whatever is appropriate for your house and pet easily available if you wish for your dog to be washed down and dried off.


We can be responsible for any injury or illness your animal gets whilst it is in our care, custody and control, provided the injury/illness arises from an accident that can be proved is as a direct result of our actions.

Limits of indemnity:

Our liability is capped at £20,000 for injury to animals £1,500 for costs associated with an illness. Public Liability £5,000,000. Employers Liability £10,000,000. Loss or Theft of Key’s £5,000. Travel Costs £500. Loss of Licence £10,000. Legal Expenses £100,000. Trade All Risks (Equipment) £1,000. Professional Indemnity £1,000,000. We will therefore not be responsible for any amounts that exceed the above.

We will not be responsible if; any injury and intent to claim is not reported in writing within 15 days of your animal leaving our care, custody and control and 48hrs with respect to an illness. We are not responsible for any costs exceeding the maximum limits of indemnity, costs incurred 48 hours after the animal leaves our care, custody or control. Funeral costs. Out of hours costs. Pre-existing injury or illness. Preventative treatment costs e.g Vaccinations, spaying, castration. Any costs associated with any dog not being fully vaccinated including but not limited all compulsory vaccinations as well as Kennel Cough. We are not responsible for Funeral costs. Destruction of the animal without a vet’s opinion. Monies not paid to the animals’ owner. Unauthorised prescription medication. Consequential loss. Injury to any stud animal or any being used for breeding. Administration of any medication or treatment you give us unless under the direction of a vet; Death, injury, illness or disease to any animal that has not had its service fees paid for and is thus is not classified as a dog in That Dog Guy business care. Any reward that we have not agreed to and is not supported by a signed receipt giving the full name and address of the person who found the animal paid to the owner of the animal, a person employed by That Dog Guy, a member of your family or someone who lives with you. Microchipping performed by an uncertified person. Any sum if you have freely parted with the animal. Animals boarded for more than 6 months. Any dog that must be registered under Dangerous Dogs legislation. Guard or racing dogs, strays. Rescue dogs are not covered until such time they are officially rehomed with you. We are not responsible for Infectious diseases. Diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Any care outside of the UK. We are not responsible for any loss, cost, expense or liability relating to asbestos. We do our best to password secure and protect all data we hold for you. However, we are not responsible for a breach due to hacking, digital or cybercrime. We are not responsible for Radioactive and other contamination. Pollution or contamination. Sonic bangs. Terrorism. War and riot.

We cannot give medical advice and are thus not responsible for any advice you seek from us which should be directed to a vet.

We are only responsible for loss/damage to your property if caused by our direct actions. As such we are not liable for Burst boiler, economiser vessel machine or apparatus, Consequential loss, fines and penalties. Dishonesty. Unexplained disappearance or shortages in inventory. Voluntary parting with property. Gradual deterioration, frost, wear and tear. Corrosion, rust, wet or dry rot, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, dampness, dryness, marring, scratching, vermin or insects. Other insurance. Pollution or contamination. Theft (in certain situations). Unoccupied buildings. Existing or hidden defect or the property insured's own faulty or defective design or materials. Change in water table level. Faulty or defective workmanship, operational error or omission on your part or any of your employees. We are not responsible if your dog is the cause of the damage.

We are not responsible for the loss of loose collars, faulty buckles, trackers or any other accessory your dog might lose during the course of its care. If you currently use any very expensive handmade collars etc you may wish to provide an alternative for their time with us or stipulate we must use our own.

By putting your dog in our care you confirm you are happy for your dog to be walked off lead if we deem this appropriate. Subsequently, whilst we will take every care to prevent a dog from eating anything untoward, we will not take responsibility for any costs and damages if they do. If you feel this may be an issue for you and your dog please discuss with Tom and we can look at training, muzzles or head collars to ensure your dog is not at risk.

Training and behaviour advice may only be taken from Tom or with Tom’s consent from Donna and Jess. We are not responsible for any advice you take from other members of the That Dog Guy Team.

Contact & Updates:

Please let us know your preference for updates. E.g Every day, every now and then, not unless an emergency.

Unless you tell us you would prefer me not to we will post pictures of your dog on Instagram so please follow @tomhatdogguy to stay up to date.

Otherwise the preferred method of contact is email as Tom refrain’s from having his phone on too much when out with your dog. However, if you are missing your dog and would like a quick update please feel free to drop your carer a whatsapp requesting a snap of what they are up to then. If there are multiple parties who need to keep in the loop of your dogs care a whatsapp group is a good way of doing that please however where possible please respect ‘admin’ hours of 9am -6pm Mon-Fri. Don’t worry if we don’t reply straight away, it means we are busy out in the park caring for your dog! :)


Your dog's booking is not confirmed until the non-refundable deposit is paid.

REF for payment should be DOGSNAME + invoice number by bank transfer.

For regular walks please send confirmation of a standing order set up in arrears (Upfront) and consider yourself committed to the year with 6 weeks holiday. 

For irregular walks please pay upon booking to secure your dog’s dates.

If we have agreed to board your dog please pay in full or for larger sums a 50% non refundable deposit to confirm your dates/ appointment and the following 50% 48hrs prior to the start of boarding may be arranged.

For training please pay in full upon booking.

If you decide to give tips, Christmas bonus these will be shared with everyone who has cared for your dog.

All payments are requested upfront. However for regular clients with last-minute changes, we are happy to invoice you later. If we do this for you we are grateful for Swifty payments within 5 days of invoicing. Chasing invoices takes time and therefore during busy periods clients with a reliable track record of paying on time will be given priority for care. 

For invoicing questions please contact 'That Dog Guy HQ':  manager.thatdogguy@gmail.com


Payment is not refundable. 

ALL BOOKINGS are subject to a 100% cancellation fee if less than 48hrs notice is given. If you have not pre-paid for the service you will thus still be invoiced.

If your dog is unfit for care or training then you may be offered credit to move the service to another date so long as evidence from your vet is provided and up to a maximum of three cancellations in any year.

If your dog has a recurring health condition and we agree to book them into our care you accept responsibility for the cost should they then be unfit for care with less than 48hrs notice on more than three occasions.

If you have a dog who is reactive and we are happy to enrol them in group walks but we deem it unsafe to take them for on any given day no refund will be given. If this is a regular concern, then enrolling booking them into 1-2-1 walk’s may be more suitable for them so the time can be spent working their minds instead if required.

All credits will expire after six months and will be subject to availability.

Why do we Charge Cancellations?

We all work on a job by job basis and we often turn down work in favour of your dog. If you cancel with less than 48hrs notice your walker may find themselves short of work on that day unnecessarily and therefore unable to provide a service in the future. Moreover changes cost money in admin therefore if you make frequent last minute changes providing a service to you becomes un cost effective.


The information we hold is collected and managed by TOM THAT DOG GUY. We collect your information from: face to face meetings, website registration forms, telephone requests, website booking options, referrals/data provided by our sub-contractors and transactions with us. We may also collect information provided by third parties.

TOM THAT DOG GUY can be contacted on on e-Mail at office.thatdogguy@gmail.com.

TOM THAT DOG GUY oversees all of the data management to ensure that compliance with this policy and the data protection rules. The data which is collected and managed is held for TOM THAT DOG GUY. TOM THAT DOG GUY is a dog walking and pet training service and we only use your personal information for these purposes. We do not provide your data to any third parties for them to use other than the purposes of our business or when legally required to do so. We do provide personal data to our pet walking and pet training service sub-contractors as described in this policy.

The personal information we collect and hold

Website data: our website will collect your name, address, eMail address and phone numbers for the purposes of an enquiry.

Direct data: we will hold any additional information not collected through our website including details of your requirements and pets. You may edit this information through our booking portal Pet Sitter Plus, a password-protected link for which you will be given upon registration with TOM THAT DOG GUY.

How we use and disclosure personal information

We and third parties may use your personal data for the following the purposes:

·       providing you with our services, which may be for the purposes of dog walking, pet sitting, training, home boarding or our other pet care services;

·       to allow you to make bookings with us;

·       to create an account for you to obtain information and updates from us, – you agree to this as part of our services or your request for updates from us;

·       providing and administering the services we provide for you – this is part of the provision of the contract to you;

·       providing you with information about promotions and products and services we offer – if you have consented to receive such information and not opted out – see below.

We will use your data in providing any services you purchase through us or about which you are interested.  The way in which we deliver services is that we introduce you to the person who will provide the service to you. This person is an independent contractor and you will have an agreement with them and with us.  We may share your information with the person providing the services and with third parties where necessary to provide the service. This information is all used so we can carry out or obligations or rights under contracts with you, to provide our services or to update you about our services or promotions.

The person providing your service will also hold your personal information for the purposes of the contract you have with them to deliver the service for you.  They will have details of your name, address, pet and services from us.  Any other information you provide to them they should confirm how this is held.

We use your personal information when providing services to:

·       provide our services;

·       deal with any queries you may have;

·       meet any regulatory requirements– this is a legal obligation on us.


Where we process your data, it is subject to our strict internal policy requirements as well as the Data Protection regulations.

The basis on which we hold and process your information is either because –

·       you have a contract with us or are considering entering into a contract with us;

·       we have a legitimate interest in holding and processing your information, this may be because you a contact of someone to whom we are providing services to or because you have previously used our services to keep you updated about our services or promotions;

·       you have consented to our using your information.


How long will we hold your personal information

We will hold the personal information we use to meet the requirements of our agreements with you (or bookings with us), for the period of those agreements and any further period afterwards that we need for regulatory or other legal reasons (such as to defend any claims).  This may mean that we will hold information for five years after we provide services. We will remove any personal information we do not need when we no longer need it.

Where we have personal information which you have consented for us to use we will hold it for the period the consent remains in force and any other period we need for regulatory or other legal reasons.  You may remove your consent at any time.

We will delete any information about you we no longer need.  Please see below in relation to your rights to have data erased, rectified or for you to access it and for you to object to any processing or to transfer it.

Your Rights

You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information.  These are –

·       The right to confirm if we are using data about you and to access details about what we are using and how;

·       The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office;

·       The right to request we rectify any inaccurate data corrected or to have data which is incomplete for the purpose we hold it completed;

·       The right to be forgotten. Which is the right to ask us to delete information about you and if it is appropriate to do so we will do so;

·       The right to restrict what we do with data in specific circumstances, including where the accuracy of the data is contested, processing is unlawful but you do not want us to erase the data or if we only need the data to meet legal requirements;

·       The right to receive the data we hold about you in a format you can use to transfer the data electronically elsewhere.

You are also able to withdraw any consent you have provided for us to use your data at any time.  This is opting out and the process is set out below.

Opting Out

You can opt-out by unsubscribing from any communication you receive from us.


Your privacy and data protection is very important to us and we comply with all aspects of the Data Protection legislation and ensure that any third parties we engage do so. You can find out more about your rights to data from the Information Commissioners Office.

Some data processing may occur in other parts of the European Union (“EU”) or outside of the EU. Wherever data is processed your rights under the Data Protection Regulations will be met and we will ensure that any agreement to process your data ensures this and give you rights in the unlikely event of any security breach.

Contact Us

If you have any enquiry relating to your personal information, you can do so by sending an e-mail to us at manager.thatdogguy@gmail.com.

(Please note that because of the insecure nature of emails we cannot accept any responsibility for data lost or intercepted in transit.)


Booking any services will deem these terms of business to have been understood and agreed. 

Thanks so much for your business and for using your valuable time to read this. It is a great help to me, your dog and my helpers.

Have a nice day :)