Group Walks

1hr £20

2hr £35

I truly love being out in the park with a group of wonderful dogs and by choosing me with my behavioural knowledge, you can ensure your dog has a happy, safe and physically and mentally stimulating walk which is so important for a fulfilled dog and thus a happy home.

  • Pick up will usually be between 10.15am-1.30pm and your dog will be out for about two and a half hours . The walk itself will suit the mean average of the group 1hr-1hr30.

  • Group walks are normally 4 to maximum 8 dogs between two people and incorporates physical exercise with mental stimulation such as training and sniffing. My favourite group size is six and that’s what we will aim for each day unless I’m soft and allow a last minute addition.

  • I believe dogs deserve to sniff and socialise with their own kind every day off lead, if you believe your dog would struggle to do this safely lets’s book a Training & Behaviour Consultation and get them there.

Country Walk

We also do 2hr country walks. This is particularly good for dogs with more energy and who are easily distracted in local parks by say balls, other dogs etc Please enquire for more details and specify in the form. For some dogs we will recommend this.

Weekend or 1-2-1- Walks.

This is for dogs who can’t yet do group walks due to behaviour or physical limitations. I also charge the 121 rate for larger dogs from GSD’s and Huskys and up also if you are based outside of my local area and we are able to offer a walk.

1hr £25 (Subject to availability)

2hr £40

Training Walk

£35/ £50

30 mins/ 60 mins with Tom reinforcing & practicing behaviours you have been working on at home. The aim being that they then move to 121 with an assistant and then into group walks.

Assistant Training Walk


Having started off the work with your self and a That Dog Guy helper they can then do a 121 walk continuing to reinforce positive repetitions of the new behaviour we are teaching.


Dog Runs


Mental stimulation is incredibly important but for dogs who need just a bit more physical exercise too, 3 time marathon runner, Jonny, who is currently training for worlds six best marathons, will take your dog out for a 20-60 minute run depending on your dogs requirements and finish the time off with a cool down sniff walk. (Max 2 dogs of similar ability at one time, subject to limited availability.)


We will be much more likely to be able to offer you care if you are happy to install a key safe at your property.